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A world of healing, just a hair away from heaven


For all the women who face these modern times with both flexibility and steadfastness
we want to bring healing to as many people as we can.

This feeling is what lead to the development of our dry head massage, based on “brain therapy.”

Through pleasant stimulation of the cranium, we invite you to a world of rest and deep relaxation.

It is so relaxing, many of our guests fall asleep.

Unlike regular sleep, large amounts of pleasure hormones such as dopamine are released, leading to a sense of refreshment unlike anything you’ve experienced.

We invite you to treat yourself to a therapeutic experience unlike any other.

New habits for developing beauty


Dry head massages are also getting attention for their beauty effects.

On top of cranial muscles, facial muscles are stimulated too – this helps with blood and lymphatic flow.

The result is improved complexion and a lifting effect on drooping and swelling.

In addition, massaging out stiffened scalp skin helps prevent against hair loss and clumping.

Women exclusively looking for the beauty benefits are also a big reason for the popularity of our dry head massages.

Towards an Energetic Everyday


Work and housework, childcare and nursing…

The fatigue of busy days builds up in the brain.

It’s hard to sleep
Thinking about this and that
The tiredness just doesn’t go away
Constipation strikes
Getting upset with every little thing
These symptoms are signs of chronic fatigue syndrome.

There are a variety of types of fatigue – work fatigue, interpersonal relationship fatigue, exercise fatigue – but all of them are caused by fatigue of the brain.

The key is to let the brain relax.

By not letting waste products build up in the brain and ensuring it gets sufficient oxygen and nutrients, you can cultivate the energy to face tomorrow.

The dry head massages we offer improve the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, which works to reduce fatigue in the brain.

We want to help everyone who works so hard every day.

Every member of our staff pours their heart into each therapy session.

Therapy Features

Dry head massages provide a comforting stimulus to the cranium and are the most direct and effective technique for refreshing tired brains.

Let’s back up – what does it even mean for the brain to be tired? There is a fluid that envelops the brain and spinal cord called cerebrospinal fluid. Due to the fact that autonomic nerves run through it, as the environment worsens, the body’s condition progressively worsens as well. In other words, brain fatigue is the result of stagnation of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).


Brain therapy eases brains fatigued by muscle tension. By restoring the balance of the autonomic nervous system, CSF stagnation (and therefore mental fatigue) is reduced.


Since our head massages do not involve water or oil there is no need to get changed, so you can receive treatment in a casual manner.

Feel free to drop in on your way back from work or when you get a little break from housework or the kids.

Store Name

Re:bration is a neologism composed of the following three terms:

Brain marrow (cerebrospinal fluid)
Good condition

We want to bring brains back to good condition and help them exhibit their original performance.

Creating a sense of ease that lets human life blossom: that vision is what motivates us.

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